About Rainbow Tulip

My name is Caroline.

Rainbow Tulip is a lifestyle blog that is an extension of my of self-care. I write about my personal mental health journey, photography, and parenting. I worked for ten years primarily in non-profits.  I have come to realize that in finding the stable place emotionally that I’ve found while not working, I am providing something very important to my family and myself.

I have three boys with my husband they are all my pride and joy. As my kids grow older, I am trying to be respectful of their privacy in the balance of writing for this blog.

Photography is my life’s passion. I took up the hobby in 2011 and it has become the best tool in my self-care arsenal. I dream of being a semi-known fine art photographer. When I remember to use my camera as a self-care tool, I find myself able to compartmentalize my illness much more effectively. Most of the photography on “Rainbow Tulip,” is my own unless otherwise noted. My profile picture here is by Natasha Brooke Photography.

Besides my family and photography, I love coffee, music, podcasts, and journaling both on paper analog-style and in Bear. Laundry is the bane of my existence but with the recent advent of a dedicated laundry day in this household, laundry is no longer quite as overwhelming. That is noteworthy in this girl’s life.

Rainbow Tulip
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