March 25, 2015

I have a new reading/ crochet nook, which Liam is thrilled about because he gets the recliner that faces the TV now.  Porter seems fine with his old spot closer to the TV, on the floor.  Yes, we watch TV.  I have no qualms about it, as hard as the big boys work at school.  And they get their outside run-around playtime at after-school.  So they’re usually tired, with homework mostly done, when they get home.

And, you can see my latest crochet project…’s going to be a king-sized rainbow granny square when I’m done, hopefully.  It’s hard not to lose interest, but now that I’m changing colors fairly regularly, the project has picked up some steam.  The inside is one giant white square.  I keep seeing bedspreads on Etsy that I want, but we can’t shell out $400 for that kind of thing, obviously. So here I am, a couple of weeks into the project.

We had someone come in and finish up the painting in the kitchen and I am thrilled at the difference in brightness.  It’s really great.  LOVE.  Pardon the dirty dishes on the counter.

Rainbow Tulip
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