Capsule Wardrobe Time

July 27, 2017

I decided yesterday to go ahead with the capsule wardrobe idea. I piled all my closet contents on the bed and if I didn’t love it, it’s going. For now, “going” means piled into garbage bags destined for the attic, in case this change doesn’t stick. But they are for sure going out of sight, today.

I was inspired by this post from Project 333. I ended up with closer to probably 40-45 items including jewelry, purses, and shoes. Still, the purge felt good and what I was drawn too actually coordinated, which surprised me.

I hope it sticks. I am tired of new clothes. I have plenty of serviceable items that will last for years, assuming there are no major weight changes. For my own sake, I hope there are sometime in the next couple of years…I would love to lose some weight and plan to work toward that goal. That would be an occasion for new clothing items. Otherwise, it’s time for some serious money-saving.

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