Hair Issues

July 27, 2018

After my last disastrous haircut on February 11, I decided that I would grow my hair out. I’ve been using Jared’s clippers to trim the hair above my neck, but I haven’t had an actual professional haircut in five and a half months. To be fair, my hair was boy haircut short for that last cut. I had a really, really long way then to grow it out, and I still have a long ways to even chin-length hair.

back of my hair

However, my hair is driving my crazy enough that tomorrow I will go for a professional haircut. I am excited because I always love getting my hair cut. I am going to try to avoid getting too much of my bangs and the front part of my hair cut because it has taken the longest to grow, but I really want to have the back styled into something more cute than the abrupt shelf I have going on from the clippers. I’m excited that a stylist friend works at this cute salon and I get to go be pampered for a few minutes.

You can’t tell because of the bad lighting in the photos but I do have a number of gray’s popping up. However, I am going to just let them stay and not worry about coloring my hair. That would get expensive fast and I really don’t want to have to keep up the routine that would be required to get roots done all the time. And anyway, I like the texture of the grays that are there so far. It will definitely make me look older– I feel like it already does– but I am okay with that idea. And besides, Jared already has a chin full of white hairs. So it won’t hurt for him to look like he’s married to someone closer to his age.


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