Maintenance Mode Miscellany

July 24, 2017

The house is in maintenance mode. I mostly did it by doing a crap-ton of laundry over several days, starting with while the boys were out of town. I also did other cleaning tasks, not stressing over whether the job was done up to somebody else’s standards. For several days, I was down to 2 loads a day– towels and clothes from the day before– but I am a day behind at the moment. I will catch up today.

It also helps that the boys are each making their beds, and I’ve got the cleaning down to a quick Swiffer of all the non-carpeted floors, as well as quick disinfecting of the toilets and the sinks. Dishes mostly get done immediately after each meal.

I feel like I have re-claimed my house.

We’ve also emptied the house of the clothes each of the boys cannot wear. Oliver’s outgrown clothes went to good friends, and the big boys clothes are boxed up for when Liam and Oliver each grow into Porter and Liam’s old things.

Capsule wardrobes are on my mind, for myself. I have a closet jam-packed full of stuff that mostly fit, that I mostly don’t hate, but I would like to simplify just a bit. So, I may go through stuff at some point in the next few days and just put away– not get rid of– some of the lesser worn items. Then they can be re-discovered later. I did this last Fall with some of my jewelry items and it worked like a charm….I pulled just one old item out last week and it was like having something new all over again.

No progress on the paint in the formal room. I am okay with that. It will all happen someday, somehow.

The kids start school in less than two weeks so we have started getting up earlier and going to sleep earlier. I am compartmentalizing all our time now too into schedules, so we can get used to following one again. Most of the summer was spent just lazing around doing exactly what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it. I don’t want the early mornings to come as a shock for any of us. And selfishly, I like getting up early anyway. The days feel more complete and I feel far more prepared if I’ve gotten up early. The boys seem to like it, too.

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