Making Our House Our Own

August 11, 2018

I love our house. It’s far more grand than I ever expected to own.

However… the previous owners definitely had different tastes than my own in paint colors. The paint was tasteful but bold. Our kitchen gets a lot of light, but it was painted a shade of medium green. It was beautiful with the previous owner’s decor and it was servicable with our own. However, it wasn’t what I would have chosen myself.

I started the process of painting our kitchen this week. I chose Behr’s “Moth Gray.” I started with the laundry room area:

laundry area

This photo was after one coat of paint.

laundry area 2


one coat on big wall

This is with one coat of new paint

original green

after paint

one coat on everything

one coat on everything

finished wall by fridge

finished side of kitchen

finished side of kitchen

I can’t describe the sense of relief having this job done gives me. Besides the obvious benefits of having the paint color changed and the ongoing satisfaction the change in decor will bring….it has been nearly 10 years since I have successfully completed a painting project. For a while, I got in the habit of starting something and having a very specific timeline in which I felt like I had to finish, which set myself up for failure immediately. With this project, I honestly intended to take a wall by wall a day approach. If the project took three weeks or a month, so be it. And it may still be a month before the other side of the kitchen is finished. I will have to arrange getting the fridge and the stove moved to finish the job.

However, for now, I feel a great sense of accomplishment and relief.

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