July 14, 2017

I’ve rediscovered my deck.

This summer, I’ve kind of been hating my house because I’ve been so lazy with housework. ┬áIt’s my own fault. It’s not the house. I’ve started painting and left the project mid-paint but that’s not even the problem. The problem is I’ve let my discipline levels drown with the wind. So, laundry, dishes, and general clutter all pile up and it all seems hopeless.

The deck, though, is an escape and it is easy to tidy up. Just a general sweep and a cleaning of the tables and I’m good to go. Up with the umbrella on the table, and here I am with my trusty notebook, laptop, phone, and water or coffee or sometimes, both. I’m trying to spend at least an hour every morning out here.

I thought I was getting depressed again. I’ve been snippy with the kids and I’ve slept a lot. But then, I realized yesterday after my mom came to pick the boys up and keep them for three and a half days….I’m not depressed, I’m in mama-overload. I’ve needed space to do what I want and not be responsible for anybody else for a while. Until Sunday, I get that blessed space. Excellent timing.

I even feel like cleaning and clearing out the house so I can move onto better projects. I feel like re-establishing some discipline.

Life is good. I just needed to lean on my village a little bit.

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