New Starts

August 5, 2018

I’m depressed. I’m trying hard not to be and I know it’s the phase of change– I always get depressed when change happens. With the start of school, we have big change in our lives– in my life and in Oliver’s life. Oliver is having a great time with school. He has asked repeatedly this weekend when he gets to get on the school bus again. So it’s just me that’s depressed.

I need to reinvest in my house but I have been reluctant to do so. Besides loathing the cleaning, I really know I need to do big projects like painting in order to be satisfied with the house and I haven’t been so successful with my more recent attempts at painting. I need badly to succeed at something.

I’ll start simple today. Like washing Oliver’s nap blanket/towel from school (already in the wash), doing dishes, and vacuuming at least the foyer area. And cleaning off both kitchen and dining room tables. That’s a good goal.

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