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August 13, 2017

I’ve decided to do away with my paper calendar system.

Years and years ago when Jared and I first got married, I wholeheartedly admired a mom we knew who kept track of all of her family’s events and plans in a binder. I wanted to be that mom.

I’ve tried, and I’ve failed at that experiment, in various forms. Some years I kept elaborate homemade binders, some years I kept track of everything in expensive planners purchased online, some years I just went to Walmart and bought something off the shelf.

Jared tried to convince me years ago to use Google Calendars on my phone and computer.  I tried it but it always seemed so fumbley and awkward. So back to the paper solutions I always went.

More recently, I’ve been using this for the past year and a half or so. It has worked well enough, particularly in conjunction with using this for daily plan writing along with a Moleskine notebook which is about the same size for shopping lists. It’s a convoluted system but it worked well enough.

However, it was getting complicated to keep track of photo sessions along with doctor appointments and kid events. It was particularly more complicated when I needed to write extra information in that perpetual calendar, since it only has one line for each date. So, a new system it had to be.

I currently have two calendars, a photography calendar and a personal calendar, both under the same account. Those calendars are linked to my Google Keep, which allows me to still make my task lists which make me happy and will send me reminders. We’ll see how the new system works.

And because it is morning, I wanted to sing the praises of my coffee system.

A little over a year ago my old traditional 5-cup coffee maker went on the fritz. What’s more, as I unplugged it and started examining it more, I discovered there was mold growing in some of the tubing. Gross! I didn’t want to give up my morning wonderful-ness but I needed a new solution. I’d seen pour over systems but I was leery. Decided to give it a go, though, when I found this at Target. I figured I could try it. A dear friend gave us a tea pot for our wedding so I had the boiling water solution already.

The Bodum system has, for the most part, worked for me. I love that I can move my coffee maker wherever I want to as I need more room on the kitchen counter. I would not willingly go back to an electric coffee maker. The only complaint I really have is that I still find myself using paper filters. I tried it for the first few weeks without the paper filters and just using the permanent filter and I found too many of the grounds seeped through into my coffee. I will say though, that using paper filters has meant for much easier clean-up since the grounds shouldn’t go down the drain of the sink.

Organization and coffee. They make me happy.

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