New Front Door Color!

October 23, 2018

My uncle B is in the process of giving our entry way a makeover. He started with a fresh coat of new paint on our front door. The color is a shade of gray, but it’s called Behr “Intellectual.” I’m so excited. He is also going to paint the trim around the front door.

Old Front Door Color

I didn’t hate the red from before, exactly, but it had faded. And red wasn’t really us. The new is awesome and makes the house look stately, as my mom said.

New Front Door Color

New Front Door Color


on the arrival of summertime

May 17, 2018

mood: determined

I’ve still been dealing with dragging and depression. A couple of days ago, I just wanted to hide away for a few days. I’ve had a terribly difficult time waking up the past couple of weeks. One of my medicines is pretty bad about causing that sometimes.

The kids get out of school this week. I need to sit down and plan out our summer. It always goes more smoothly when there is a plan. However, this year we will start with only a rough framework of dates when the kids are occupied.

My oldest is going to Washington DC with my mom to visit family in July. My middle son is going to space camp in June. And my youngest will take swim lessons at the end of May.

I’ve decided I want to get really serious about knocking out our debt. I don’t know that I can go to some lengths people go to save money, but we can certainly be smarter about our grocery shopping and we can keep the thermostat turned up this summer a couple of degrees higher than we traditionally have done.

I don’t want to just pay off the credit cards, though. I also want to knock out our car loan and our mortgage. I would love to be completely debt free in ten years. That is my goal, though it will be a challenge since by then we will have two children in college.

I’ve been timid about writing here, which is silly since it is an anonymous blog. My fear is irrational. I’ve never written anonymously before, though, so I still think through the other lens of my writings.


June 1, 2017

Here we are a couple of weeks into the summer.

Things are going well, so far, relatively speaking. We are in the thick of daily trips to the pool for swimming lessons. The boys are doing pretty good but it has been a long time since they had lessons. They are both going to Scout camps later this summer, though, so we felt like they needed the refresher before their camps.

Family will be visiting in July, so I’ve got till the end of June to whip this house into shape. One month. I can totally do that.

Oliver has developed this habit of liking to keep his hands in his mouth. It feels like we are constantly telling him, “Take your hands out of your mouth,” these days. Not sure what that is about, but it’s wearing on all of us.

Things are starting to pick up, photography-wise, and that makes me happy.

That’s pretty much all, for now.

A Summer of Fun

May 13, 2017

It’s been a rough few years, energy-wise, for me. I’m so sorry that has translated into boringness for the boys. Liam presented me with my Mother’s Day presents last night a little early and they were beautiful! However, in more than one portrait of me, he’d drawn me laying in the bed. I’m determined to break that image he has of me, lack-of-energy-be-d**ned.

I’m kind of in a lack-of-energy-be-d**ned across the board mood at the moment… This weekend will be full of getting this house in order (a little ahead of the two week planned schedule for cleaning). We will be able to have guests in this house on relatively short notice very soon. I am determined about that.

Last night after everyone was in bed, I planned out our summer play and meal schedules.

There will be trips to the Museum. There will be trips to the pool. There will be trips skating. There will be trips to the movies. There will be trips to the park. There will be trips to the library. There will be game nights again— we haven’t had one of those in a long time. There will be down-time too, but there will be structure this summer unlike any summer we’ve ever had. It’s time. For my sanity and theirs, we need to do things this summer. Nearly every day, there will be some kind of outing outside the house.

Both big boys are also going to camp this summer, right in the middle of the summer, so it will be a nice break-up of the monotony of every day at home, even with the outings.

Summer is short this year. School starts on August 3!

The Bus Stop and Other Miscellany

April 17, 2017

O and I go out every day to get the boys off the bus at 2:45. It’s earlier than the bus actually gets there, but it gives O some time to run around. He has a “hill,” a favorite spot in the yard. It’s actually part of a buried giant magnolia tree root, but he loves it something fierce.

When the school year started and I realized that I would have to go to the end of the driveway because giant bushes block the view to our front door, I kind of dreaded it. I wasn’t sure I would have it in me to get out there every day and just stand and wait, and I was worried about forgetting someday and making them ride back to school to go to after-school. But it turns out that the bus stop routine has been the one constant for O and I all year long. Early in the school year when O was younger and I wasn’t sure I could keep him from running to the end of the driveway, O would ride his tricycle every. single. day. He learned to ride his tricycle, in fact, because of the bus stop routine. The bus stop has been our constant since August and I’ve come to be thankful for that time.

In other news, we finally figured out why I’ve been so. tired. all. the. time. I’ve made sleeping until 11 a.m. a regular occurrence, and it’s not really associated with my depression. My thyroid levels have been off again, meaning I’ve been getting too much medicine. So, now I have to alternate different doses every day. Fun stuff. At least there was an answer with an attemptable solution.

Big boys have standardized testing starting tomorrow, so their teachers sent home instructions that they are to be outside playing and exercising as much as possible every day. Thankfully, the boys are on board with this idea.

We have started the major overhaul of the new house, the overhaul we have known was coming eventually ever since we moved in last June… painting the inside walls. We went with Valspar’s “Ultra White.” I got a bee in my bonnet about it on the Tuesday of Spring Break, and sent J to the store to gather all the necessary supplies. But then I ran out of steam, what with the thyroid issue, and J had to finish the job I started. We have one room done– the family room. I love the color and how much brighter it makes the room. I cannot wait to have the rest of the house done, but it will have to wait until we have help to get it done because I can’t guarantee I won’t get in the middle of it again and flake out. Anyway, no pictures of the finished room until I get the house straightened up, which is not today.

O is Three!

March 22, 2017

This sassy boy is three years old today!

I am so proud to be his mom. This surprise boy has captured our whole family’s hearts in his three years on this Earth. He has a larger-than-life personality and he is incredibly sweet and thoughtful. He loves his brothers. His current favorites include running around our yard and cars of just about any kind. He also loves to play video games with his brothers. He has a best friend at his school. His favorite snack food is cheese balls.

I am thrilled that as he grows and becomes increasingly independent, he still loves cuddling occasionally with Mommy and Daddy. It does my heart good to be able to rock this little one to sleep sometimes, still.

Life threw this family a tremendous curveball filled with love when this little boy came into the world. O, I love you to the moon and back ten million times over. I am so thankful to be your mom.


June 25, 2016

We have survived thus far despite driving over 1,600 miles with three restless boys. It helps that we left our house at like 10:30 at night, which meant for those first eight hours or so, there was peace and quiet in the car. I’ve only taken a few pictures so far– none of our first three stops, in Iowa and then in Nebraska. but as we came into Denver, I managed to snag this:

There’s not a lot to say else to say. It’s been a long drive but the boys have behaved well and we are happy to be here at our destination, in Colorado.

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