Thirteen Years

March 14, 2018

Our anniversary is a couple of weeks away yet. But this post should come now, in this moment, while I can say these things about my husband.

It’s been nearly thirteen years since we stood in front of God and fifty-eight of our closest friends and family and promised for better or worse. It’s been better and worse in that time. This man never falters or wavers. He is my rock. He is wise enough to understand me better than I understand myself, at times. He is a patient, wonderful father. He is always there waiting, when I need space. I don’t know what good things I did that the universe sent me Jared, but I will be forever grateful that we found each other.

The best decision of my life, without a doubt, was to marry Jared. He is the love of my life. It is a privilege to get to spend my life with him.

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